I have been aware of my need to fully love and appreciate myself. I understand that any relationship is purely a reflection of my own inner connection with all parts of myself. I deeply want a partner, but, I recognize that I must first be my own partner. I resisted the idea of going for a walk by myself yesterday. And I’m so grateful I worked my process and moved forward. I ran to the lake, sat under a beautiful tree, smoked a spliff, gave my blessings to the earth, and watched the rain on the water… All circles were connected. I am so fortunate and so grateful for this abundant and nourishing life. Thank you.

Would love your input, please!

I’ve been marathoning the same shows for years (The Office, Parks and Rec, Friends, Bones). I’m looking for something new.. Something light that makes me laugh! Any ideas? Thanks ✨💗🙏

"Why blaze when you can praise?"